Henrique K. Miyamoto

Ph.D. student

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About me


My second name Koji (弘二) is a reference to my grandfather’s name.

My mother tongue is Brazilian Portuguese.

I am a fan of Studio Ghibli films, and of Joe Hisaishi’s soundtracks.

My Mastodon account is mathstodon.xyz/@miyamotohk.

My MR collaboration distance to Claude Shannon is 4, via the path: Miyamoto—Costa—Sloane—Berlekamp—Shannon.


Eu vim
Eu vim da Bahia cantar
Eu vim da Bahia contar
Tanta coisa bonita que tem
Na Bahia, que é meu lugar
Tem meu chão, tem meu céu, tem meu mar

(Eu Vim da Bahia - João Gilberto)

FEEC academic tree

See more here (in Portuguese).


A “proof by contradiction” to why research in mathematics should be funded.

This digital painting is a work by my friend Vítor Rizzato.

✨ É preciso estar atento e forte/Não temos tempo de temer a morte ✨