Henrique K. Miyamoto

M.Sc. student

Et cetera

About Me

I like coffee, tea and wine.

My second name is Koji (弘二) and is a reference to my grandfather’s name.

The above digital painting is a work by my good friend Vítor Rizzato.


I was born in Salvador, Bahia.

Eu vim
Eu vim da Bahia cantar
Eu vim da Bahia contar
Tanta coisa bonita que tem
Na Bahia, que é meu lugar
Tem meu chão, tem meu céu, tem meu mar

(Eu Vim da Bahia - João Gilberto)


Quotes & words

“But remember this, Japanese boy… airplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beatiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.”

(Caproni to Horikoshi, in The Wind Rises by Hayao Miyazaki)

“Mathematical discovery is by no means a matter of systematic deductive procedure. It involves insight, imagination, and long explorations along paths that sometime lead nowhere.”

(Robert Goldblatt, Topoi: the categorial analysis of logic)

Serendipity is the faculty of making discoveries by accident, while searching for something else. In the domain of scientific research, the idea is that the aim is the advance of scientific knowledge; what is discovered later, serendipitously, are applications of the knowledge produced.”

(Oliveira, M.B., Technology and basic science: the linear model of innovation)

Elucubrar: “passar a noite estudando ou analisando intensamente um assunto”.

(Wikicionário, Elucubrar)


I am a GNU/Linux enthusiast. Currently I use Xubuntu distribution.

I am also a LaTeX enthusiast. I use TeXstudio to edit my documents.

My Twitter account is @_miyamotohk.

I like Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) and Brazilian rock.